Who’s That Guy? The Background of Jason.

Hello World!

Here’s a little info about me and my career so far:

I am a Canadian by nationality, who moved to Tennessee when I was a child due to my father’s career.  My father is an environmental engineer who has worked for various automotive companies/suppliers.  When the automotive industry shifted to the south, he was transferred there.  Later, he and my mother moved to Michigan when another job opportunity arose.  I was raised primarily in the south but attended university in Michigan after our second move.

I completed dual degrees in International Marketing and Public Relations at Michigan State University and was a prolific student leader.  So much so that I was once fired from a student leadership position due to the advisor’s perception that I was ‘monopolizing leadership opportunities’.

I graduated, after completing three internships in unique industries (software technology, consumer products/retail, and alternative fuels) although all three internships were focused on marketing and business analysis.  I took a full time position with the alternative fuels company, Geocycle US, as a marketing/business analyst and was promoted after only 18 months to head the Marketing, Advocacy and Communications department for the 150 person organization.  I also strongly supported our parent company, a worldwide cement manufacturer, in its Governmental Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility Department.

When the housing market crashed, the cement industry suffered significantly, and the parent company began to re-integrate Geocycle into its business units.  Massive layoffs took place beginning with the highest levels of management.  The majority of the Geocycle executives began new companies to fill the void left by the firm exiting the market.  I knew I would eventually be laid-off as well and so I began a Masters of Science in Finance degree at the University of Michigan.  My time did eventually end with Geocycle, but I was one of the final employees to be laid off.  On my last day I received calls from several of the executives asking if I could complete the same work I was doing at Geocycle, for their startups.

The moment I accepted their offers, I became an entrepreneur with three clients (all former executives).  My business/marketing consultancy grew from three clients to nine (due entirely to word of mouth) in approximately one year and I added a part time administrative assistant as well as an unpaid intern to help with the work.  I finished my degree at the University of Michigan while undertaking the expansion of my small consulting business, however I always knew I wanted an MBA (not just an MSF).  So when I saw an upcoming wane in the workload of my clients I took advantage of the situation and began the slow closure of my firm.  And now I’m at Boston College!

Some other quick facts about me:

  • The only football I follow is Michigan State and UMich;
  • I was an active member and player in the Detroit Polo League;
  • I was raised sailing on the Great Lakes;
  • My favorite decade is the 1920’s;
  • Not surprisingly my favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald;
  • I don’t have anywhere I consider ‘home’.

I guess that wasn’t really just a ‘little’ info about me…


About Jason B
Boston College, Carroll School of Management Class of 2013.

One Response to Who’s That Guy? The Background of Jason.

  1. olgarusak says:

    I honestly have never heard of anyone being fired for monopolizing leadership opportunities! This is probably the first time in the US history.
    It was also funny that you say in the end that you have no place to consider “home.” As I was reading your post, it was exactly what I was thinking about. You did travel a lot!

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